Christmas 2022, a chocolate tin against childhood cancer

A chocolate tin against childhood cancer. From this Sunday (November 27), the ASLTI solidarity campaignthe Sicilian association against childhood leukemia and cancer.

For these Christmas festivities, there will be four cans containing the chocolate nativity scene: one designed by the artist Tommaso Provenzano, dedicated to Villa Palagonia, and the other three by the famous Palermo ceramist Nino Parrucca, depicting Santa Claus, the Fishermen, and the Paladins .

“This year our appointment with Christmas solidarity – says Ilde Vulpetti, director of the Aslti operational area – made use of the contribution of the mothers and grandmothers of our children and, as always of the volunteers, authors of the cloth bag colored for the artisanal panettone produced by the Scaccia brothers of Montemaggiore Belsito, the panettone was literally snapped up”.

In Palermo, the volunteers will be present at the stand in via Libertà at the corner with via Mazzini.

Among the projects carried out by the association, thanks to the support of the citizens, there is also “the room of dreams” in the pediatric oncohematology operating unit of the Arnas Civico in Palermo. Some of the works of the American artist Keith Haring have been reproduced on the walls of the room.

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