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A moment of the meeting

MESSINA. First stop in Messina of the meetings that will bring the Christian workers’ movement to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation.
A reality that today has 800 clubs throughout Italy and is present in 12 countries around the world.
One hundred executives who, in the presence of national and regional leaders, met at the headquarters of the Department of Political and Legal Sciences of UniMe.
The Christian Workers Movement was born 50 years ago thanks also to the determination of the Messina leaders.
Today MCL is a reality present in 12 countries around the world which in Italy boasts a network of 800 clubs.
Messina with its history was chosen as the first stage of the journey towards the jubilee which will be celebrated on 8 December.
Yesterday 100 executives met in the city of the Strait, in the presence of national and regional leaders, at the headquarters of the Department of Political and Legal Sciences of UniMe.
“Towards the jubilee to testify 50 years of commitment and history” the theme of the discussion that focused on the contribution made in half a century of history by the various circles, then moving towards what are the future objectives of the MCL.
A historical and consolidated commitment in the area to be testimony of the principles of the Christian Social Doctrine to which the organization has never abdicated and which, on the threshold of 50 candles, is relaunching.
A constant activity of social and territorial animation, offer of tax and social security services, protection of rights and training, are combined with the constant commitment on the issues of work and training, politics and social enterprise, to restore a photograph of the organization’s 50 years of activity.

“In the city that had a certain weight in the birth and construction of our Movement – said the national vice president of Messina – Fortunato Romano at the beginning – we meet to share a journey that must lead to re-reading our organization with a strong link to the inspiring values but with the determination that we need to adapt our association to today’s needs in order to be social avant-gardes like our founders were in 1972 ».
A journey into the past through the testimonies of Nino Romano and Nicola Papa, the two people from Messina who at various levels contributed to the birth of MCL: the first from Rome in constant dialogue with the Italian Church; the second in Sicily, animating the youth movements which then transformed themselves into the leadership that led MCL to be among the most deeply rooted Italian associative experiences.

An afternoon of confrontation but also of training.
The Jubilee of MCL coincides with a profound technical and legal transformation of the entire Italian third sector which is experiencing a regulatory reform but also of contents whose deepening has been entrusted to Giovanni Pecchioli, National Head of MCL Third Sector and Stefano Ceci, National Administrator of MCL.
The contributions of Don Sergio Siracusano Regional Director of the Office for Social Problems, and Labor and Giorgio D’Antoni Regional President of MCL are full of ideas.
To close the appointment Tonino Di Matteo National President of MCL.
«This is a very important place in the history of the movement, because Mcl was born here too.
It is important to recover the reasons for our identity.
A commitment that leads us to 50 years of attention and service to people, but with an eye to the future.
With the ability to go against the tide, as Pope Francis invites us to do, we must look to the next 50 years and beyond with constant work with the people, declining the issues dear to our organization and the community such as work, family, sustainable development.
and the environment with the peculiarity that only an ecclesial movement like ours can interpret.
Being a movement today and in the future will mean being open Christians, active and in dialogue, with an eye to Europe.
To do this, training, young people and the unity of the organization are necessary ”.

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