Chinese rocket, the hypothesis of falling debris on Sicily seems to have been averted. Though…

MESSINA. The eventuality, however very very remote, that the debris of the Chinese CZ-5B rocket in the phase of uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere, could crash into Sicily seems to have become more scarce.
According to the latest update by EUSST (European Space Surveillance and Tracking), the return is expected over the Bay of Biscay, on the French Atlantic coast, at 4:32 am Italian time. However, the time uncertainty remains 2 hours and 19 minutes more or less than the expected time, which corresponds to more than one complete orbit in both directions (before and after).

The object can fall within the band of latitude ± 41.48 (Sicily is between the 37th and 38th parallel). In this region, most of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean or uninhabited areas, so the statistical probability of a ground impact in populated areas is low.The map shows the trajectory of the debris in green during the possible re-entry window (so where it could fall), a trajectory that turns red when it flies over the territory of a state of the European Union (outlined in blue)

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