Child with breathing difficulties on the Open Arms, requested medical evacuation


This time it is a child who feels bad. And to have difficulty breathing. After the request last Sunday – which allowed the medical evacuation of three sick people and six carers – now, the Open Arms asked for "urgent medical evacuation for breathing difficulties for one of the children and his family . We await a response from the Maltese and Italian authorities ". To write it on Twitter is the same NGO.

The Open Arms has been blocked for 12 days in international waters, about 30 miles from Lampedusa. On board there are 142 people, including women and children.

The Palermo juvenile court has asked for "clarifications" from the ministers Matteo Salvini, Elisabetta Trenta and Danilo Toninelli who signed the ban on entry into Italian waters for the Open Arms. This is what the NGO itself said, claiming that the judges responded to the appeal presented by the lawyers last August 7, asking them to protect the rights of the 32 minors aboard the ship blocked for 12 days off Lampedusa, stating that keeping the minors in those conditions "is equivalent, in fact, to a refoulement". In the reply sent by the court to the Open Arms, the NGO says, the judges underline how "the international conventions to which Italy adheres … impose the prohibition of refoulement or expulsion of unaccompanied foreign minors". Rights that, theHandle, "Are evaded" if young people continue to remain on board the ship in a "condition of physical and mental distress". Among other things, the judges still say according to the NGO, the minors are on board a ship near the limit of Italian territorial waters and, therefore, in a situation "which is, in point of fact, a refoulement or denial of entry to a border crossing point ”.

For this reason the court has asked the ministers to "know what measures the authorities in address intend to adopt in compliance with the international and Italian legislation referred to above". "We believe that the court is an important response – says Open Arms – and we also look forward to knowing how the Italian authorities intend to act to protect recognized rights, as should happen in any European liberal democracy".

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