Child dead in Sharm the parents arrived in Palermo with a medical flight and were immediately hospitalized

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The parents of little Andrea Mirabile, who died at the age of 6 while on vacation in Sharm el Sheik, arrived in Palermo and were immediately taken to the Polyclinic.
The couple, Antonio Mirabile and Rosalia Manosperti, landed at 13.30 at Falcone and Borsellino airport with a medical flight.
An ambulance was waiting for them under the flight ladder, which took them to the university hospital.

The conditions of Andrea’s mother, pregnant in the fourth month, have improved, while those of the father remain serious.
In the afternoon, the new mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagall, will visit the family in the hospital.

Child dead in Sharm el Sheik, parents return to Palermo tomorrow.
An investigation opened, headlights turned on at Alessia Candito’s resort 07 July 2022 The three felt ill last Friday and were treated for food poisoning by the medical guards near the resort where they were staying.
Andrea and his father, however, got worse: when, last Saturday, they arrived at the hospital, there was nothing more to do for the little one.

Andrea’s body, on which an autopsy was carried out by order of the Egyptian judicial authority, will arrive tomorrow in Palermo.

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