Chef Natale Giunta against Barbara D’Urso, “Tells the real Sicily” (VIDEO)

Chef Natale Giunta in defense of Sicily against Barbara D’Urso. The famous Sicilian chef publishes a video on social media attacking the presenter of Canale 5. “True Sicily is different,” he says.

Natale Giunta criticizes the way in which the transmission would give an untrue image of Sicily. The chef’s reference is to the case of the betrayal of the Hotel Eufemia aired on Live Non è la D’Urso. “Enough with the Hotel Eufemia and Angela da Mondello, we are not these. If you want to talk about Sicily, talk about our culture, our art and our cuisine – says Giunta -. And if you want to talk about real Sicilians, talk about Don Pino Puglisi, Falcone and Borsellino, about our fight against the mafia, about the entrepreneurs who are struggling to emerge ”.

But on social media the protests against the transmission of Barbara D’Urso have started for days. In fact, the post that has already gone viral turns a post entitled Siciliano Pissed off by a girl. “Dear Mediaset, I would like to tell you that we Sicilians are not the ones you continually show on TV. There are people who study, who do their utmost for others and for the common good – he continues -. There are people who distinguish themselves professionally and artistically, not only in Italy, but in the world! I wanted to clarify it, because I noticed that you almost enjoy showing how ignorant Sicilians can be and this is no longer good for me ”.

Now even Natale Giunta increases the dose after the case of the Hotel Eufemia which has been covered twice by Barbara D’Urso’s transmission. “Talk about the beauties of Sicily! Of its history, of art, of palaces and churches, of theaters, museums, climate and cuisine ”.