chased and stopped the smuggler

Editorial team 04 September 2021 11:19

Download 5 Tunisians on the islet of Lampione and set sail for Tunisia. The report of some boaters who witnessed the arrival of migrants on the evening of 31 August caused the lookout of the naval operational section of the Finance Police to intervene, which was already engaged in the permanent surveillance device of the waters in front of the Pelagie islands. Thanks to the coastal radar network, monitored by the operations room of the naval operations department of Palermo, the suspect vessel was spotted, stopped and escorted to the port of Lampedusa. The police investigations, coordinated by the Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office, allowed to confirm any suspicion: a Tunisian smuggler who was taken to prison in Agrigento was subjected to arrest for aiding and abetting illegal immigration. The fishing boat was instead seized and anchored in Favarolo pier.

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