Chaos vaccines for teachers in Sicily, Musumeci: “Certain rules must come from Rome”

The start of the vaccination campaign for teachers in Sicily remains uncertain. Yesterday, two news items sent thousands of teachers into despair: the first, that of the temporary stop to vaccination (as anticipated by Giacinto Pipitone in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands), due to a delay in the delivery of the lists by the ministry, and then , during the morning the mockery of the link of the Regional Health Department, which circulated on social networks and WhatsApp groups, useful for pre-joining the vaccine for school staff who, however, around 11 am was blocked and limited to university staff only , as told by Francesca Bellia, secretary of the CISL Scuola Sicilia.

Today the president of the Sicilian Region spoke on the subject, who participated in the inauguration of the vaccine hub at the Mediterranean Fair, a place where the teachers and all the staff of the Palermo school will be called to get vaccinated. “Certain rules must come from Rome – said Musumeci -, even within the health care world there have been dissensions precisely on the vaccine level “.

And on the open debate regarding the administration to teachers, Stefano Suraniti, director of the regional school office in Sicily, spoke to Agi, who explained how “the lists of Sicilian teachers needed to start the vaccination campaign in Sicily are were sent last Monday to the national platform of the health card system “.

Stop vaccines for teachers under 55 in Sicily, the lists of the ministry are awaited

“Already last week – continued Suraniti – the overall numbers of school staff involved in this phase of the national vaccination plan were provided to the Department of Health: there are 71,000 people under the age of 55, including teachers, ATA staff and school managers. With the circular of the Ministry of Health – concluded Suraniti – the possibility of using the vaccine has been extended to subjects under the age of 65, therefore the school staff that can be involved is 119,000 units, which represents over 97% of the staff. of Sicilian schools “.

School and vaccine chaos for teachers, trade unions: "Let us clarify"

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