Chaos Sanità, La Paglia risks returning to Asp

On 18 April the terms of suspension of the Asp Paolo La Paglia manager expire and, thanks to the chaos that is affecting the Sicilian Healthcare, the CEO risks returning to his post. Although the procedure for forfeiture has been initiated, promoted by the former councilor for health, Ruggero Razza, and endorsed by the governor Nello Musumeci, La Paglia runs the risk of returning to his post due to the bureaucratic delays due, moreover, to the approval of the Finance Act.

The Health Commission will have to express its non-binding opinion on the proposed forfeiture of the manager “accused” by the regional government of poor management of the health emergency. The days pass and if the procedure is not completed within the deadline, La Paglia could take back his post as general manager and get his “hands” back on the ASP of Messina.

On the subject, note the worrying silence of the mayor Cateno De Luca, distracted by other issues of his perennial political show via social media. The mayor of Messina, as will be remembered, had staged the play of the fake resignation, then revoked in the corner. Today, De Luca is silent as a fish and this speaks volumes about his credibility.

Uil, the only union that has exposed the alleged inadequacy of La Paglia, then certified by the work of the Commission of Inquiry sent to Messina by Ruggero Razza, is ready to do battle because it cannot accept – it is said in the offices of viale San Martino – that Messina Healthcare can return to the hands of those who were responsible for the wreck.

The match is in the hand of the governor Nello Musumeci, who also has the interim of Health, and there is no time to waste although some fringes of the majority, read the Calderone group, are trying in every way to save their heads by La Paglia.

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