Chaos ensues in Ortigia as forgotten candle sparks fire in San Paolo Apostolo church

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Inattention or simple forgetfulness? Damage in one of the oldest churches in Ortigia, in the prestigious living room of Syracuse. It will be necessary to establish the causes of the fire that, between Sunday night and Monday, inside the parish church of San Paolo Apostolo, in Ortigia, in the historic center, behind the temple of Apollo, damaged some parts of the religious building.

According to the first reconstruction carried out by the investigators – however, further investigations are still ongoing to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the fire – it seems that the flames broke out inside the early Christian temple, which is located in via dell’Apollonion, in the neighborhood once inhabited by fisherman families because of a candle left lit from the previous evening, while the traditional Easter vigil was taking place, at the conclusion of the solemn mass celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

The fire, according to what was ascertained, occurred once the church was closed and developed slowly. Now, according to the initial investigations, there is damage to the structure: the fire caused damage and the collapse of part of the lintel of what is considered the oldest place dedicated to the memory of the apostle Paul, who according to the acts of the apostles landed in Syracuse and stayed there for a few days.

The current building dates back to the 17th century and is located on a slope that borders the vast area of the temple of Apollo. On the cornice of the pediment, the inscription is placed in memory of the apostle Paul’s stay in the city of Syracuse, while his effigy is depicted in a polychrome glass rose window. The investigations, entrusted to the carabinieri of the town of Syracuse, will continue in the coming days when a more in-depth inspection is also planned to assess the exact extent of the damage.

Siracusa, a Ortigia una candela dimenticata scatena l’inferno nella chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo

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