Change of season in normalized Palermo

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A twist of fate set the end of the Spring Mayor’s adventure on the last day of spring.
Leoluca Orlando descended the wide steps of the city palace for the last time a few hours before his successor Roberto Lagalla climbed them.
A changing of the guard that is much more than the relay between the administrators of a municipality.

Roberto Lagalla proclaimed mayor of Palermo

It is the end of an era and the beginning of another, a historical turning point, a change of season.
At first glance, the outgoing and the incoming mayor could not look more alike.
Both children of the educated upper class, both students of the Jesuit high school, both university professors, both former Christian Democrats, both highly skilled orators: one vehement, pointed and imaginative; the other is soft, convoluted and hypnotic.

But the apparent passing of the baton between teammates is actually the fading between two opposite faces of the eternal Palermo bourgeoisie (professional bourgeoisie, intellectual and non-productive).
The bourgeoisie that in the last forty years, amidst impulses and falls, leaps and brakes, proclamations and shots off target, has tried to portray itself as different from what it had always been, that is, softly conservative, blissfully sated, and to give itself the push to imagine a possible change.
A bourgeoisie that today, in the figure of the new mayor, recomposes all the exhausted impulses, the dull enthusiasms, the frozen ardors, to put an end to the latest heresies, to quell the uncontrollable temptations, to reassure itself, to protect the starving city.

Palermo, on the first day of Lagalla mayor, besieged by parties arguing over Sara Scarafia’s armchairs 21 June 2022 Leoluca Orlando was, with his Spring lived and mythologized, narrated and self-narrated, the eponymous hero and the symbol of that bourgeoisie that in the midst of the smoke of the mafia TNT he denied his fathers, he broke the immobility, he broke the inevitability of not dying square if one was born round.
Roberto Lagalla is the great bourgeois capable of talking and mediating, of listening and nodding, of becoming concave in front of the convex and convex in front of the concave, of speaking with all worlds by appearing to be the first of the inhabitants of each of them.

If Orlando was the prophet of the rifts, Lagalla is the standard bearer of recomposition, in the living representation of the book of the Qoèlet that both have overheard in the classrooms of the Gonzaga high school: “There is a time to demolish and a time to build ..

Metropolis / 115 – Palermo, Orlando leaves Palazzo delle Aquile: “How many coffees and how much love in these rooms”

Now that the war drums have been buried, however, the mayor Lagalla who is preparing to govern the normalized city in an ocean of silence, confident or resigned, respectful or depressed, should be remembered what Leonardo Sciascia suggested to a young mayor Orlando who he asked him for advice: “Stand up for yourself.” After spring, there is little time to hope that summer will not only serve to pave the way for autumn in Palermo.

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