Chambers of Commerce, TAR of Palermo suspends the appointment of commissioners

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The first section of the TAR of Palermo with a decree signed by President Salvatore Veneziano suspended the decree of the Minister of Economic Development, dated 30 March 2022, appointing Commissioners at the Chambers of Commerce of Catania and Ragusa, Syracuse, Caltanissetta, Agrigento and Trapani.
The document, deposited this morning, sets the council chamber of May 12, 2022 for the collegial discussion.
In mid-March also the Administrative Justice Council had expressed itself against the appointment of commissioners by the Mise, highlighting how the decree of the Mise “of the appointment of the commissioners was not preceded by an administrative provision for the establishment of the two new Chambers of Commerce “and postponing the discussion on the merits of the decision to April 6.

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