Cgil-Uil strike continues in Siracusa with Mannino and Bombardieri

On Monday, November 20th, the second of the five days of strikes called by the Uil and Cgil will take place. This time, for 8 hours, workers in Sicily, except for those who already went on strike on November 17th, will cross their arms. In Syracuse, a demonstration with a procession is planned, and it will conclude with the secretary general of Cgil Sicily, Alfio Mannino, and the secretary general of Uil, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. The unions explain that the reasons for the mobilization remain the same, intended to “demand policies that stop the constant impoverishment of income from work and pensions, ensure safety, counteract industrial desertification, reduce inequalities, and focus on the development of the territory.” These are all issues that unite workers, retirees, and young people in Italy, and appear particularly accentuated in Sicily due to the absence of policies for the recovery of the Mezzogiorno. As known, the general mobilization will continue on November 24th for the regions of the North, on November 27th for Sardinia, and on December 1st for the regions of the South.

Lo sciopero Cgil-Uil prosegue, a Siracusa Mannino e Bombardieri

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