CGIL Palermo, the general assemblies of the categories start today

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 17:51

Share The CGIL Palermo has started the general assemblies of its 12 categories in view of the Organizational Assembly of the National CGIL which will be held from 16 to 18 December in Rimini. The opening of the works was entrusted to the Flc CGIL Palermo and the Fiom CGIL Palermo. At the conclusion of the assemblies of the categories, the general assembly of CGIL Palermo will be held on 21 October. During the extensive debates, the 11 cards were analyzed on which the territories, through listening to the labor chambers and workplaces, are called upon to make proposals, additions, observations, changes. At the center of the discussion are the themes of membership, the organization of organizational structures, the strengthening of protection and rights, training, digitization, the processes of democracy and participation, representation, communication, the centrality of the Chambers of Labor and street trade union, resources, social and territorial bargaining. “A democratic and participatory path that has as its objective, for the CGIL, that of an evolution linked to the changing world of work – declares CGIL Palermo Secretary General Mario Ridulfo, who spoke at the assembly of the Flc, with the world of schools and ‘University – The contribution of the territories is fundamental to bring the point of view, as far as Palermo is concerned, of a great reality in the South. work like that of Palermo, a territory that suffers from great disparities and criticalities due to undeclared and precarious work but which also contains great skills, potential and peaks of excellence. A challenging process of change that aims to involve assemblies in decisions, through observations that will arrive, and that will be made together with delegates and delegates to protect work, even the poor and invisible one, with concrete proposals and proposals “.

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