Cgil on the airport: "Change of pace is needed"


"We are worried about the management of the Catania airport, where the public, and therefore the citizens and workers, is given very little information".

This is the attack of the CGIL that during a press conference that, with the general secretary Giacomo Rota, with the secretary of the Filt Cgil Alessandro Grasso and with the regional air transport manager Filt Cgil Salvatore Bianco, took stock of the working conditions of airport employees.

The union has anticipated that next September 23 there will be a discussion table in the presence of representatives of all the acronyms, the Sac, the ENAC and the private companies to take stock of the handling of the handling and the social clause of the site.

In particular, the CGIL spoke of an "unfair competition" that has arisen between handling companies, which are those that deal with ground assistance to planes and passengers. Thus – according to trade unionists – it would have involved a race to the bottom that affects workers' wages and workloads.

The arrival of a fourth handler, thus, "risks setting off a further and perhaps definitive shake-up in a structure where even the trailing tracks are lacking in air conditioning and airport facilities can boast 18 years of service".

"The trade unions – say CGIL and FILT – do not learn anything significant from the SAC, despite the lack of meeting opportunities, and we must thank the Chamber of Commerce shareholder if we have received, through President Pietro Agen, indicative news on political choices. of the Etna airport, such as privatization. Some boatos report upcoming appointments as councilors in the Sac Service's board of directors and as accountable manager in Sac, despite the presence of eight qualified managers; a choice that would surprise us ".

Another point highlighted by the CGIL is the absence of dedicated parking spaces for disabled workers.

"We want a large airport structure – explains the secretary Rota – where important problems for workers are not hidden and we invite the managing director to dialogue. A dialogue that must be constructive and peaceful ”.

Finally the trade unionists have announced that next September 17 there will be in Catania the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini for a workers' meeting on the theme "Airport, work and inclusive contraction".

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