Cerulli Prison, from Monday 1 March the vaccination campaign for the Penitentiary Police starts

“We hope that no other obstacles stand in the way to slow down the vaccination campaign for the workers of the Penitentiary Police of Trapani.” These are the words of Gioacchino Veneziano, secretary general of the UILPA Penitentiary Police of Sicily, after the communication of the direction of the Pietro Cerulli prison in Trapani of the beginning of the covid-19 vaccination campaign.

“We know of the difficulties that every ASP is experiencing at the moment – declares the leader of the trade union in Sicily -, but it is really inexplicable to record such a slowdown, considering that for over a week other provinces have started administering the vaccine to prison police “.

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“In fact, Veneziano glosses, – in Catania, despite the presence of several penitentiary institutions, including Piazza Lanza, Bicocca, Caltagirone and Giarre, colleagues have been vaccinated, and news since yesterday that even throughout the province of Palermo the vaccination campaign “.

“We hope – concludes the Regional Secretary of the UIL – that no further obstacle to the rapid vaccination of the Prison Police of Trapani and Favignana will fit, because it would not find justifications in cases of contagion from covid-19 in the hands of the police, so as compromise order and safety, and also with dangerous consequences for the organization’s stability ┬╗.

The management of the Trapani prison has informed the trade unions that the administration of the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca for the staff of the Trapani Penitentiary Police will begin on March 1 in the afternoon, including Saturdays and Sundays.

– Press release

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