Ceremony at the Ficuzza in memory of Russo and Costa, killed by the mafia 45 years ago

Today, 20 August, is the 45th anniversary of the killing of Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe Russo and Professor Filippo Costa killed in 1977 in Ficuzza, a hamlet of the Municipality of Corleone. A laurel wreath was placed under the commemorative stele, honors were paid and the motivation for the gold medal for civil valor was read out for the memory granted to Colonel Giuseppe Russo killed by four Corleonese assassins, including Leoluca Bagarella and Giovanni Brusca because he was investigating the interests of the clans led by Riina and Provenzano in the construction of the Garcia dam, in the countryside of Roccamena.

The colonel, who died as commander of the investigative unit of the Palermo carabinieri, also dealt with other delicate investigations, such as the one for the murder of Peppino Impastato and the one on the killing of Eni’s president, Enrico Mattei. The ceremony took place in the presence of the prefect of Palermo Giuseppe Forlani, of the interregional commander of the carabinieri ‘Culqualber’, general of the army corps Riccardo Galletta, of the Commander of the Sicily Legion, brigadier general Rosario Castello, of the provincial commander of Palermo, general of brigade Giuseppe De Liso, of the mayor of Corleone, Nicolò Nicolosi, of the highest civil and military local and regional authorities, of the relatives of the Fallen. General Galletta, in his speech, recalled the example of Colonel Russo, both as an officer of the weapon, and as a skilled investigator, whose intuition was decisive in shedding light on the Mafia district of Corleone, who also as husband and father , thus underlining the importance of the legacy that, as a witness of history, he left to young people. The archbishop of Monreale, Gualtiero Isacchi, finally recited a prayer in suffrage for the victims.

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