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Center-right, summit with Salvini for the candidates in Palermo

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According to center-right sources, the big Sicilians of the coalition will reunite with Matteo Salvini, in Rome, to try to find a summary for the candidate for mayor in Palermo, where they will vote on 12 June.
The summit should take place the day after tomorrow, the same sources report that Brothers of Italy should not participate.
At the moment there are four candidates on the field: Francesco Scoma for ‘PrimaItalia’, Totò Lentini for the autonomists of Mna, Roberto Lagalla for the UDC and Carolina Varchi of FdI.
More secluded Francesco Cascio of Forza Italy, who was ready to formalize his candidacy but is on standby.
There are those who argue that precisely on the name of Cascio one could find that synthesis, which has been used for some time, to avoid going out of order in a sort of primary in the first electoral round.
But the signs are mixed.
Autonomist Totò Lentini is ready to inaugurate his electoral committee: appointment tomorrow in the center (Piazza Don Sturzo, at 5pm).

Francesco Cascio, according to several sources, would have made it known that he is available to run if the coalition converges on him and would not be interested in being the flag candidate for Forza Italia.