Center-right, Gelmini “Single party will be the 2023 project”

ROME (ITALPRESS) – “As Berlusconi said, the single party will be the project of 2023, meanwhile there is a great need to preside over the right as Salvini and Meloni are doing but also the more centrist and moderate area, on this Forza Italia it has a lot of thread to weave ”. Thus Mariastella Gelmini, minister for regional affairs and autonomies interviewed on “24 Mattino” on Radio 24. “The strength of our center-right political area is the plurality of positions, we have many values ​​in common but each party expresses its own specificity. President Berlusconi, as always, anticipates the times and is a precursor of the possibility of a new Republican center-right, the allies to date have not yet given positive answers but in the meantime Forza Italia which was the first to ask for the birth of a national government with Draghi Premier, he goes on with his liberal, popular and pro-European connotation ”, added Minister Gelmini.

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