Cemeteries emergency, Orlando: “We need a new one and a second oven”

The Giunta of Palermo is dealing with the emergency in cemeteries with a series of strategies. The councilor for public works Totò Orlando discussed this during a question time in the city council. Options under consideration include building a new cemetery, expanding the existing one at Rotoli, and investing in a new crematorium once the existing one has been upgraded and operational. The Giunta is taking all necessary measures to ensure that the city has an adequate cemetery service in a time of grave need.
The council of the municipality of Palermo is taking measures to address the emergency of overcrowding in cemeteries. Councilor Orlando communicated that the investigations into Santa Maria di Gesù have led to the conclusion that the city needs an expansion of the existing cemeteries and the construction of a new cemetery, together with a new crematorium. The administration also announced that it is working on a feasibility study that includes 900 above-ground urns and 600-700 burial pits.