Ceiling collapse at Falcone Boarding School in Palermo, 5 classrooms closed

Five classrooms on the third floor of the Giovanni Falcone national boarding school in Palermo have been closed due to infiltrations and the detachment of gypsum board. The decision was made after a meeting between the school’s leadership and technicians from the Metropolitan City. Parents reported the problem and requested interventions to address the emergency. The collapse of part of the ceiling occurred over the weekend while the school was unoccupied. Out of the five closed classrooms, three were closed as a precaution and two had gypsum detachment and infiltrations. In one of the affected classrooms, it was necessary to make holes in the ceiling to drain the water that had seeped in. Discussions with the school’s rector and the Metropolitan City technicians are scheduled for next week to determine the necessary repairs and whether the three closed classrooms can be reopened. Maintenance and construction work will be required for all five affected classrooms.

Crolla il controsoffitto al Convitto Falcone di Palermo, chiuse 5 aule

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