Cefalù, the new cardiology departments of Giglio dedicated to Aldo Naro have been inaugurated


New cardiac hemodynamics and electrophysiology laboratories at Giglio di Cefalù. With an investment of 1.5 million euros, the Foundation has renewed the laboratories dedicated to Aldo Naro, a young doctor whose dream of becoming a cardiologist was broken on February 14, 2015, at the age of 25, during an evening in a local in Palermo, providing them with the most innovative technologies that allow interventions not only in the cardiology field but also in radiology interventional.

Present at the inauguration, which was held this morning, the President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, and the regional councilors Ruggero Razza (Health), Roberto Lagalla (Education), Toto Cordaro (Environment) and Bernardette Grasso (Local Authorities ). “Il Giglio di Cefalù – said the president Nello Musumeci – is a hospital pearl that works with great commitment on quality with a very high thickness of health and non-health personnel. The Region looks with great attention to this structure ".

The cardiology operating unit, HUB center in the network for the treatment of heart attack in Sicily, it is directed by Tommaso Cipolla, while the responsibility of the hemodynamics laboratory is entrusted to Mariano Becchina and the electrophysiology laboratory to Gabriele Giannola.

"Today we can expand the therapeutic offer with interventions of greater complexity than the current ones," Cipolla underlined. The hemodynamics laboratory has been equipped with a latest generation digital hagiographer, which allows the execution of innovative clinical procedures and of improving the traditional ones, also offering better image resolution, even in 3D, capable of detecting more clinical details. The cardiac electrophysiology laboratory has also been renewed in its entirety.

"The future of the Giglio Foundation – added the councilor Razza – is to continue the renewal process started. Today, it must be a magnet of intelligence to bring those who went abroad back to Sicily. The challenge must be met here. " Razza also stressed that "over 1 400 young people have returned to Sicily since 1 January 2018".

"In 2019 – said the president of the Giglio Giovanni Albano Foundation – we have put in place investments for 18 million euros to renew and expand, after 15 years, the technological park of the Institute to give adequate care to our patients and attract new professionals ".

A plaque dedicated to the young Naro was discovered at the entrance to the cardiology department. "We wanted to give continuity – added Albano – to the dream of a young doctor who wanted to be a cardiologist from an early age and who was torn from life and loved ones".

“Aldo and his memory – said Rosario Nario, Aldo's father – are honored with this prestigious title. Aldo is restored by civil society to the dignity trampled by an incomprehensible violence that he had to suffer on February 14 of 5 years ago ".

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