Cefalù Mayor: “Fires are the work of terrorists”

The mayor of Cefalù, Daniele Tumminello, has criticized the arsonists responsible for a new wave of fires in the hills around one of Italy’s main tourist destinations. He describes the arsonists as “terrorists” who seem to have planned and executed a coordinated attack, taking advantage of the weather conditions and targeting different areas simultaneously to make extinguishing the fires difficult. Tumminello states that these individuals have no regard for people’s lives and vows that his community will not be intimidated. Despite their efforts to combat the fires quickly, the flames were too powerful, and they had to fight for many hours to prevent them from reaching the town center. Tumminello expresses gratitude to those who bravely volunteered to help battle the fires and emphasizes the importance of unity and cooperation among regional and local institutions and citizens. He concludes by stating that they have a duty to make life difficult for those who threaten their lives. A photo of a Canadair aircraft in action during the firefighting operation was posted by Tumminello on Facebook.

Il sindaco di Cefalù: «Gli incendi sono opera di terroristi»

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