Cefalù hotel welcomes back 700 tourists: Owner of Costa Verde apologizes

Around 700 tourists from the Costa Verde hotel in Cefalù have returned after being evacuated due to a fire that threatened the structure and caused significant damage in the surrounding areas. The fire is still burning, but the hotel is safe and the tourists have returned. The fire department, along with volunteers from the civil protection organization, worked all night to ensure that the area around the hotel is no longer in danger. There is bitterness about what happened, with the strong wind and dry grass fueling the fires. The hotel owner, Giuseppe Farinella, emphasizes that these fires are caused by individuals who have hatred towards nature and the population and calls them criminal acts. The hotel asks for forgiveness from the guests for the inconvenience caused. A photo shared on social media shows the fire on the mountain behind the Costa Verde hotel.

A Cefalù i 700 turisti rientrano in albergo: «Vi chiedo perdono», dice il titolare del Costa Verde

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