Cava dei Modicani, employees in protest

The outgoing company has omitted the payments of the last two months. Fp-Cgil and Fiadel: “The constant reminders were useless, let’s go ahead to demonstrate, hoping that the workers can receive what they are entitled to”

RAGUSA – A sit-in by protest against non-payment of the last two months. This is the reason for the strike called by the trade unions Fp-Cgil and Fiadel of Ragusa regarding the employees of the mechanical biological treatment plant of Cava dei Modicani.

The discontinuing company, Impreser, which managed the plant until February 2, did not in fact pay the two salaries to the workers.

“The continuous reminders sent to the outgoing company by the trade unions were not needed, therefore – underlined the provincial secretaries of Fp-Cgil and Fiadel of Ragusa, Salvatore Tavolino and Giorgio Iabichella – we proceed to protest actions, hoping that this dispute can be terminated as soon as possible and workers can receive wages for a full two months (December 2020 and January 2021) and severance pay. Even if since 3 February the management of the plant has been entrusted to Iblue scarl, workers must survive and need the wages they have not received since December 2020 ”.

These days, after a peaceful sit-in, in front of the building of the former province of Ragusa, in Viale del Fante, a representation of workers discussed with the mayor of Ragusa as well as president of the Peppe Cassì waste management company to better understand what to do.

“I met the workers of the Tmb di Cava dei Modicani plant who – highlighted Cassì – despite not receiving their salaries for two months, continue responsibly to perform their services, avoiding placing the burden of this situation on the citizens of the Hyblaean territory. In the transition between the Ato management under the commissioner regime and the new SRR management in the ordinary, the service, following the outcome of a new tender, was transferred to a new company. The one he previously managed has failed to pay the last two salaries, complaining in turn of the existence of its large credits. In fact, some municipalities are in arrears in the payment of the quotas for which they are responsible and this has caused the current situation of serious suffering ”.

“As president Srr, as well as mayor of a municipality in compliance with payments – added the mayor of Ragusa – I am working to ensure that in the complex phase of the Srr taking over the administration of the commissioner, all the disputes are settled, in the interest of all , in the first place to protect the operators to whom every attention must be given today “.

After the protest sit-in, the municipal councilors of the Democratic Party Mario D’Asta and Mario Chiavola asked the mayor to report to the court on the issue. “We want to understand, in short – said the two councilors – why it has come to this point and how the Municipality of Ragusa can have an impact to help the workers in question to collect the amounts due”.

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