“Caught hauling heroin in a rental car,” 35-year-old under house arrest

Validated arrest, application of the precautionary measure of house arrest and suspension of the benefit of citizenship income.

These are the decisions of the investigating judge of Agrigento, Micaela Raimondo, against Vincenzo Messina, 35, of Canicattì, surprised by the police last Thursday while carrying just over 40 grams of heroin divided into four eggs. The arrest of Messina, who appointed the lawyer Calogero Lo Giudice as defender, took place in the late morning at the end of an investigative activity that began a few hours earlier when the thirty-five-year-old was noticed at the wheel of a rented car, in the state road 640. Finally, at a checkpoint, in a country road near Canicattì sud, drugs came up. The agents searched him and Messina spontaneously delivered four heroin eggs for a total weight of just under 41 grams. In the house, in a second phase of the search, a precision slingbar was also found. Messina tried to justify himself by saying that he had stocked up on drugs to consume it. Thesis which the judge did not believe. The suspension of the disbursement of the citizenship income benefit was also ordered against him.

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