Catania was dealing at home while under house arrest in San Cristoforo


CATANIA – He was under house arrest but had transformed his home, what should have been his prison, into a drug-dealing center where there was a constant coming and going of customers that the Catania police put an end to. And so Filippo Scaglione, 46 years old, prejudiced by the home detention regime, passed to the prison regime with a new charge of detention for the purpose of selling narcotic drugs of the marijuana type.

Yesterday morning the agents of the anti-drug section of the mobile team had set up, in the San Cristiforo district, a control service in via Adele precisely to monitor the movements of Scaglione, a character already known for his drug dealing activity in the populous Catania district. And the policemen noticed that Scaglione received continuous visits despite being at home. So they broke into his home and surprised the convicted while trying to get rid of an envelope containing amazing substance, throwing it from the balcony. But the pouch was recovered and inside there was a kilo of marijuana partly already packaged in 249 "sticks" of about 1 gr each, an electronic precision balance, the sum in cash 510 euro in banknotes of various denominations, in addition to packaging material of the narcotic substance. All the material was seized.

Scaglione had already been arrested by the Mobile Squad in January 2015 in execution of an order for pre-trial detention in prison issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Catania for mafia-type association (Cursoti Milanesi clan), a criminal association aimed at trafficking in drugs, as well as for the attempted murder of the exponent of the mafia clan Cappello-Bonaccorsi Orazio Pardo, 63, committed in competition with other top members of the Milanese Cursoti, including Francesco Di Stefano nicknamed "pasta ca sassa" and Carmelo di Di Stefano of which Scaglione is cousin.

In recent years he had also obtained house arrest, but now the man has been locked up in the prison of Piazza Lanza pending the validation judgment.

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