Catania, via the demolition of the building in via Castromarino

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The building suffered a partial collapse linked to the works for a subway tunnel, eight families were displaced


CATANIA – The demolition of the building in via Castromarino has begun: the work of heavy vehicles, started yesterday, will continue until August 14 to secure the construction site of the Stesicoro – Airport metro line.

The collapse of the internal courtyard of the building occurred two and a half years ago and is connected to the work of the mechanical mole for the excavation of a subway tunnel.
Following the incident, eight families were displaced.

The dispute was resolved with the purchase of the building by Cmc Ravenna, the company that conducts the work and which decided to put an end to the disputes out of court.
But the legal consequences are not yet completely closed: various lawsuits still pending, in fact, see those who live in the vicinity of the building engaged in a claim for damages.

Sicilian news 2022-07-05 10:31:00

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