Catania, via Santa Maria dell’Aiuto blocked by waste and the historic center “suffocates”: “Open-air landfill”

CATANIA – The situation linked towaste emergency in Catania, in particular in the historical center of Etna where they have been accumulating for too long garbage is waste, even of considerable size.

The umpteenth report comes directly from residents of the area, now exasperated. “For years the historic center is an open-air landfill and no one puts an end to all this“, Daniela tells NewSicilia.

The city – goes on – it needs more in view also of a restart, hopefully soon, of tourism. They are needed plainclothes brigade to verbalize and give an example to these uncivilized“.

The context of via Santa Maria dell’Aiuto, near Ursino Castle, where a few steps from the church of the same name there are piles of waste that literally block the road. The images we show you are emblematic.

This incivility is largely in the historic center, it is now an open-air dump eladministration is totally absent. Exemplary fines would be enough for discourage incivility“, Concludes Daniela.

Photo by Daniela Orsolini