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Protests by Cmc workers over the hypothesis of receivership: European funds are in danger to complete the work


CATANIA – “The meeting at MISE has just ended, the table has been updated at the beginning of September.
There is the interest of private partners to acquire the Cmc shipyards and the mayor of Ravenna has also declared the interest of Fincantieri “: this was announced by Vincenzo Cubito, Fillea-CGIL general secretary, at the end of the meeting at the Mise on the crisis of Cmc.
The hypothesis of extraordinary administration would seem averted, for now.

In fact, throughout the day today, the workers of Cmc, a company that has contracted the works of the Etna Metro, were in sit-in., waiting for the meeting that, at 3.30 pm, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Economic Development called on the crisis of the Ravenna company / cooperative.
The sit-in of construction workers at the Nesima metro site has been called because European funding for the completion of the work is also at risk.

The protest initiative was promoted by the trade unions and the national secretariats of Feneal-Uil, Filca and Fillea who participated, with their representatives, in the videoconference confrontation with the regional and territorial managers of the trade unions, the representatives of Cmc will also be present.
In Sicily, Cmc has several structural works under contract which risk an immediate stop due to lack of liquidity.

Antonino Potenza is the secretary of Feneal-UIL: “The first meeting at the MISE was last July 20 and the proposal of the representative of the Ministry was to pass everything under extraordinary administration due to the lack of agreement between Cmc and its successor partners in the construction sites under contract both in Italy and in the abroad, as Cmc – continues Potenza – was unable to pay the creditors’ agreement established by the Ravenna court ”.

The Ravenna company / cooperative has asked the MISE to be able to access the funds of the deposit and loan fund to avoid extraordinary administration, but, apparently, the Ministry remains firm in its position.
In the midst of this “millionaire” negotiation, about 300 workers between productive and induced are waiting for a positive solution from today’s meeting.
An agreement that is not the extraordinary administration.

Vincenzo Cubito is the general secretary of Fillea-CGIL: “If today the MISE (Ministry of Infrastructures and Economic Svilyppo) were to decide for the extraordinary administration, we risk the interruption of the works for the Etna connection infrastructure.
Cmc must be helped as has been done for other construction companies in our country and if Cmc is not helped we need to know the fate of the workers and their families ”.

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2022-08-05 19:12:00

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