Catania threatens his sister with a knife and wounds her: he owed him 40 euros

The Carabinieri of the Piazza Dante station denounced a 37-year-old offender, originally from Augusta (SR), held responsible for personal injuries and threats.

The poor woman, a 38-year-old resident in the San Cristoforo district, suddenly saw her brother swoop into the house who, clamoring for the return of the 40 euros he had lent her, began to brandish a kitchen knife and then hit her with fists to the head that almost knocked her out.

Some passers-by, attracted by the screams of the woman, asked for help from 112 allowing, in fact, the intervention on the spot of the crew of a gazelle who blocked the energetic, seized the knife, found on the floor, and helped the victim who, when visited by the doctors in the emergency room of the Cannizzaro hospital, was found suffering from “head trauma” which could be cured in about ten days.

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