Catania, the Start Up Cup 2022 is back projects in the race

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The competition between business ideas: until 8 September, the first three classified will participate in the regional edition


CATANIA – Start Cup Catania was born in 2014 as a competition of business ideas on a national basis, returning to the circuit primarily with the experiences of Catania, Palermo and Messina, subsequently with the entry of the city of Enna.
“The ferment is there”, declares Rosario Faraci, professor of Economics and Business Management at the University of Catania and president of the technical-scientific committee of the initiative, adding: “by vocation or necessity” of many ambitious young people.

In the past editions Catania has distinguished itself by reaching twice (2014 and 2021) the podium of the Start Up Cup Sicily while at national level three times in the eight years, including last year, the participants from Catania were among the first four winning projects in their specific sections: Information Technology rather than Sustainability or Industrial Area.

A case of inspiration, therefore, can certainly be the very recent testimony in which Kymia products, anti-aging creams extracted from pistachio hulls, have found favor with investors after their local and regional success and finally their placement in the top four in the Sustainability section.
To cite a few other examples, Creation Dose in past years came second to the Italian rankings, arousing enthusiasm with the original project of the founder Alessandro La Rosa or as it happened in the field of university research and development with the Tobesia application, a platform created by Professor Latteri , to put in contact patients subject to obesity with the whole network of professionals who intervene in support such as psychologists, dietician, cardiologist and so on, in order to monitor their progress and the healing process.

In fact, during the contest, the proposals are first of all screened by the technical-scientific committee for a first selection that will allow access to the business plan competition.
It is here that the selected teams, assisted by members of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Catania, by Coach & Play and by Vertis SGR, will compete for one of the three prizes up for grabs: the 5,000 euro prize offered by Free Mind Foundry, the second prize of 2,500 euros and the third of 1,500 euros.

The top three finishers will then participate in the Start Cup Sicilia 2022 held in Palermo, at the Unicredit headquarters, at the end of October and will have the opportunity to compete for access to the PNI Cube National Innovation Award which this year will take place in Abruzzo in the last week of November (in 2019 Catania was the seat of the award ceremony, opening the doors of the suggestive location of the Benedictines).

The three finalist projects are those that enjoy the highest visibility, receiving the prize supported by the various sponsors participating in the event following the establishment of a proven SRLS or SRLS company.
Doing two calculations, so “for fun” in the eight years more than 24 innovative start-ups have been introduced into the Sicilian fabric, providing a significant impact on an economic level.

“212 Start ups only in the province of Catania, 695 Sicilian and 14701 national, of which thirty from the Etna contest means that youth entrepreneurship is active.
In fact, putting together the previous actors such as Tim # WCup together with the spontaneism and the remarkable contribution provided by Doctor Perdichizzi, now poured into the incubator of innovative projects located in Isola, Catania is a dynamic and attractive square, with a discreet consistency of start-ups for a city that does not have large dedicated infrastructures.

As a demonstration of this, Catania was once again taken into consideration by Startupblink as a tithe among the Italian cities in the special world ranking of new companies with a high innovation content, confirming the appreciation contained in the opening speech of the academic year of the Minister of University and Research of the Italian Republic, Maria Cristina Messa, in reference to the a national contribution of almost 5% for academic spin-offs promoted by professors and researchers.

The missing piece would seem to be linked to the initiatives supported by other realities than the ones already known, as in the case of Resto al Sud: “If, in addition to the support of private entities, there were more infrastructures for public initiative start-ups, coming from the municipality of Catania, the metropolitan city of Catania or the University to give space and visibility to projects, through coworking areas in which coaches, mentors and professionals collaborate, we would reach that structured ecosystem like Turin or Naples, reaching a dialogue with large investors ”concludes Professor Faraci, opening up new scenarios for the ninth edition in progress.

This is the hope for the future in which Investor dayStart Up Cup and crowfunding will be just some of the premises implemented by the Etna capital for the development of a young and consolidated entrepreneurial network.

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2022-08-07 16:21:00

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