Catania. The patrol boat p.04 “Psum”, flagship unit of the Guardia di Finanza, docks in the port of Etna

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THEl Multirole patrol vessel P.04 “Osum”, flagship unit of the naval fleet of the Guardia di Finanza, a few days ago he undertook a long training and operational mission that will affect the entire national coastal strip.
This weekend, it will stop in the Etna capital, and can be admired moored at quay 13 of the commercial port.

The new naval platform, just delivered by the Vittoria shipyard in Adria and first unit of the “flag class”, with a displacement of 500 tons, a length of about 60 meters, a width of 9.5 meters and a draft of 3.5 meters, it is the largest ship in the history of the Naval Service of Finance Police.

It is characterized not only by the most modern communication and radar detection systemsfor its ability to ensure its function of sea police and surveillance of national and European maritime borders in particularly prohibitive marine weather conditions and for long periods, thanks to the “ax” bow and the innovative “green” Diesel-Electric propulsion which ensures a considerable operational autonomy of about 15 days of continuous navigation, with a coverage of at least 2000 nautical miles, at a speed of 18 knots.

The OSUM ship will further enhance the operational capacity of the Aeronavale Group Taranto, the projection department engaged in the daily action of prevention and contrast of all illicit phenomena that threaten the security of maritime borders also in the context of international cooperation with the European Frontex Agency.
In this sense, it will also be a fundamental prospect for the surveillance of traffic involving the Strait of Sicily.

The naval platform, co-financed with community resources under the fund internal security 2014-2020:

• has a crew of 30 soldiers with the possibility of hosting additional European officials during joint international operations promoted by the Frontex Agency itself;

• has an area, which allows the take-off and landing of an aircraft system remotely piloted capable of significantly increasing the capacity for discovery and intervention at a wide range even with the aid of the two 9-meter-long boats for boarding and control operations on suspect vessels;

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2022-08-06 11:09:00

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