Catania, the mafia boss who had "recycled" himself as a drug wholesaler for half Sicily


CATANIA – New blow to the Santapaola mafia clan in Catania. The carabinieri of the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command of Catania, by delegation of the Ethnic DDA, executed a precautionary custody order, issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Catania against 38 people. Thirteen ended up in prison, 22 under house arrest while for three there is an obligation to present. All are accused in various capacities of mafia association, association aimed at the trafficking and sale of narcotic substances, illegal possession of weapons, fraudulent transfer of values ​​and extortion with mafia method and purpose.

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The investigation, called "Overtrade", conducted by the Catania Investigative Unit from December 2016 to the same month of 2018 also had the contribution of some collaborators of justice. The investigation was launched in order to monitor the activities of the Mascalucia group in the aftermath of the release of Salvatore Mazzaglia and his son-in-law Mirko Casesa, both leading figures of the Santapaola – Herculaneum clan from Catania.

The investigations thus made it possible to ascertain not only their belonging to the mafia but also a series of crimes such as extortion (most of which were not contested for the non-collaboration of the victims), crimes relating to weapons and fictitious headings of assets, but also an impressive traffic of drugs of cocaine, hashish and marijuana which has Salvatore Mazzaglia as its central figure, to whom 18 charges are contested, and his criminal group consisting of his son Giovanni, his son-in-law Mirko Casesa, his grandson Victor Mangano and Elena Nicosia, with the task of maintaining contacts with buyers and deputy, together with Mangano, to transport and deliver the drug.

Salvatore Mazzaglia, according to the investigators, thanks to his criminal pedigree, managed to make friends with representatives of organized crime from Calabria and with other mafia groups operating in the Etna area and in the other Sicilian provinces, with whom he activated various supply channels for the purchase of large quantities of drugs of various types (hashish, cocaine and marijuana). And Mazzaglia had also managed to obtain the supply of drugs on credit and at a more favorable price than that applied on the "ordinary market", a price to which he then applied a price increase which constituted the gain relating to his brokerage. Mazzaglia, in fact, did not manage any shop square in the area, limiting itself to handling large quantities of drugs in favor of important buyers, who subsequently managed their distribution to retailers.

Giovanni Mazzaglia, son of Salvatore, was also part of the association, alongside his father in the most important trades, including the supply of the narcotic in the province of Syracuse to the De Skmone brothers and in the Province of Catania to the Vacante brothers (nephews of Roberto Vacante currently in prison at 41 bis).

Mazzaglia and his son-in-law Mirko Casesa did not, however, abandon the "traditional" extortion, such as that against an exercise by Nicolosi, and the fictitious attribution to Agata Mazzaglia (wife of Mirko Casesa and daughter of Salvatore) of the ownership of a business for marketing of dairy products and eggs (seized). In total the suspects are 51.

Photos of those arrested

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