Catania, the container of a truck in transit on the service axis is on fire

Yesterday morning – July 27 – the firefighters intervened in Catania to put out the fire of a heavy vehicle that was passing on the axis of the services of the city, between the exits of Librino and Porte di Catania, a few meters from a fuel distribution system. The heavy vehicle was carrying a container inside which there was a small excavator and mattresses.

Due to causes under investigation, the fire developed inside the container. When the driver noticed the smoke, he made the request for help and unhooked the container, securing the engine of the vehicle. The firefighters who intervened took care of extinguishing the fire, making the vehicle safe and managing the transit of vehicles before the arrival of the traffic police. In addition to the team from the Southern Detachment, it was also necessary to send a tank truck from the headquarters of the provincial command.

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