Catania, the Asp has paid the affiliated clinics

«Specialist outpatient assistance is one of the pillars on which our health system rests. Aware of the importance of the synergies consolidated over the years at the service of citizens, the Asp of Catania has arranged for the regular payment in twelfths of the amounts due to the outpatient specialists agreed for health services provided in the year that is about to end for 2022 “. This was announced by the heads of the Catania health authority to clarify the statements of the main acronyms of the affiliated specialists – Ardiss Flit, Citds, Croat, Sbv, Siod – members of Cimest, the inter-union coordination – who in a note released by the press complain delays in the determination and disbursement of the budget for 2022 healthcare services.

«As far as bargaining is concerned – underlines the ASP – the competent offices have activated the dialogue with all the trade unions. Once the procedure relating to 2021 has been completed, we will proceed shortly with the signing of the contracts for the year 2022″.

“On the possible return of sums received in recent years by some affiliated companies in the province of Etna, the strategic management of the Asp of Catania underlines that the “question will be dealt with in full compliance with current regulations and existing jurisdictional provisions, as well as with the legitimate expectations of parties, following the method of dialogue and mutual confrontation, with the sole objective of responding to citizens’ health demands”.

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