Catania Tango Festival The new edition kicks off


CATANIA – Friday 9 August, at 10.30 am, in the Sala Giunta of Palazzo degli Elefanti, in Catania, the XIX Catania Tango Festival will be presented. In the presence of the mayor of Catania, the Hon. Salvo Pogliese, the President and Artistic Director of Caminito Tango, Angelo Grasso, will illustrate the program of the nineteenth edition of the Catania Tango Festival – The International Tango Festival of Sicily. The event will take place in Catania from August 9th to 18th involving tourists and dancers from all over Italy and from over thirty countries around the world, ready to populate Catania attracted by the "stellar" cast of the Festival's tango masters, the beauty of the city and the fame of the event. In fact, in March 2019, at the Tango Awards in Buenos Aires, the Argentine tango Oscar, the Catania Tango Festival was named among the three best events of …

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