Catania. Sprouts – another park is possible! tenth edition

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The most anticipated event of the year arrives at the Mother Teresa Park in Calcutta: “Sprouts – another park is possible!”.
An opportunity to live together an afternoon dedicated to active citizenship and of conviviality in one of the green areas of our city.
The Mother Teresa park of Calcutta, in fact, is not simply a park, but a meeting place, a place of exchange, of life, a common good to be protected and respected as citizens but also, and above all, as human beings.
For this reason Nuova Acropoli has been engaged for 10 years, through its volunteers, involving citizens and encouraging the administration, in periodic restoration and redevelopment works of the area as well as in cultural and educational activities.
And with Germogli aims to foster a new awareness of the importance of caring for one’s city and the development of a sense of responsibility and respect towards not only a park, but the community itself.

The event will take place Saturday 25 June from 17:00 and includes a rich and varied program aimed at involving young and old.
In particular, you will have the opportunity to participate in the general redevelopment of the park through the ecological cleaningthe restoration of the benches And installing a picnic table made entirely by volunteers with recycled material.
To cure the aesthetic and harmonious sense of the area, some will also be planted ornamental plants.

Simultaneously there will be a craft workshop for the creation of notebooks by Nuova Acropoli, games for children organized by the Talitá Kum association and read aloud.
Germogli will host the monthly appointment of Lectura City Catania organized by Valentina Carmen Chisari on the theme “The origins of the world and sacredness: the myth”, in which everyone can participate by sharing a short reading with those present.
Lovers of reading should also remember that the park is home to the first “bibliocasetta” installed in the city, which for almost 6 years has offered the opportunity to read a good book in the park and exchange books every day.

The second part of the afternoon will be enlivened by a performance by folk music proposed by the Gravina Arte Association and by a philosophical aperitif entitled “Seneca: happinesscurated by New Acropolis, during which we will get to know Seneca through innovative modalities designed by the volunteers of New Acropolis: a “Imaginary dialogue”Will allow us to go back in time and listen to the words of the philosopher himself; past and present, therefore, will mix to give life to an encounter that can give many food for thought and tools to be able to continue our search for the much desired Happiness.

To conclude the afternoon, all those present will be invited to take part in a small collective rite to celebrate the summer solstice.

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