Catania-Sicula Leonzio 2-1: who goes up and who goes down. Even Biondi convinces. Curiale and Lodi insufficient


The Catania grabs a suffered but fundamental victory, beating the comeback Sicula Leonzio. Guests immediately take the lead thanks to Palermo and have an easy life against a team in plaster. Lucarelli in the second half changes the score, inserting the men who change the race: Mazzarani it is sumptuous and, together with Di Molfetta, manages to split the host defense in two. Curiale and Lodi they are the worst: the attacker is out of the race, the number 10 is slow and apathetic.


Andrea Mazzarani: The palm of man of the match it is his right. The number 32 only enters the thirteenth minute of the second half in place of a whistled Lodi, but he is still in time to leave his indelible mark on the race. Good to be in the right place at the moment …

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