Catania, Sicily Passeggiata (Evening Walk) – with Closed Captions

La passeggiata, or slow walk, takes place each evening here in Italy but it is most popular on Sunday nights. This slow evening …


  1. Hi, this was a really fun video to watch! Lots of familiar sights. However, on our TV it's a little choppy during pans (compared to the day walk). Is that due to the lower light levels? And did you boost the brightness in-camera or in post?

  2. Lived near here for 4 years in the military. Thank you for letting me see it again. <3

  3. I hate the graffiti, same thing in Madrid Athens as well as Palermo. Why dont they implement laws to banish it?

  4. Grazie per questo splendido video, sono posti che non vedo da anni….. I miei genitori sono proprio originari di Catania e conoscono via per via…. Complimenti per la qualità video.. Grazie

  5. O my fucking god the sound is amazing. Listening with ear phones and I swear its real I don’t know how many channels or what you use but it is soo real!!! I hear it all around me.

  6. Si catania es esplendor por todas partes, el interior de los palacios, superará cualquier expectativa. tom y jerry sonambula ole tu mare¡¡.
    No sé si has visto lo que mateo garrone ha hecho con el jardín de la ninfa que tú nos descubriste gracias.

  7. i do enjoy seeing the true side of the city that is not dressed up for tourists. Beautiful top to bottom.

  8. thanks, i live in dublin. my homecity is catania, i miss catania this video it's beautiful you gave me a gift

  9. Beautiful city! Too bad that there is too much grafitis in some places….I enjoy the ride as usual! Thanks ProWalk!

  10. is this shot by a robot? no interacting no culture stupid boring vidoe watched it in 30 seconds

  11. Hi! I just want to thank you to show this to the world! I am from Catania even if I now live in Liverpool UK since 2013. I miss my hometown so much and see this video warmed my heart 💓. Catania has got so much to offer but too often the bad reputation only comes up, so thank you thank you thank you for this! I subscribed your channel and I will share the video!

  12. Potevate fare meglio nelle vie vicine, via crociferi,la villa bellini,la,salita di San Giuliano ancora c era tanto da vedere,Catania è meravigliosa è una città viva.