CATANIA, Sicily: First Impressions (Italy Travel Vlog)

First episode of my recent Italy trip. Flying to Catania from Manchester post covid-19 lockdown. Exploring the small streets of …


  1. This seems to be a very interesting place, I hope I can visit sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much! And please keep up the great job! Subscribed!!

  2. Ahh the run down places 😢 my great great great grandmother’s family home was deemed unsafe for living tho it looked well from the outside. Over 1000 years old 😢 ahh miss this place as u can stay as I’m stalking ur vid. Great to see some English speaking people visiting

  3. The hotel of the elephant. Aka the city’s mascot. No one knows exactly when it was built but it’s made from lava stone and the arabs added their arch thingy to it. Did u go to the underground Roman bath?

  4. My home city! Grew up in Australia! Two different worlds!! Would have loved to have shown u around and the history of the place. Once u know all of that u can appreciate the city for what it is today. Then id take u to the most beautiful places on the island!! Blue clear water isolation and pure bliss with some amazing food and booze! Love my home island

  5. Catania is my city and I apologize for the rubbish you saw… but some citizens are disrespectful… I hope that next time you come here, you will see a cleaner city

  6. Went to Catania during the summer with the girls- not really researching the place before we went, just booked on a whim, and it’s safe to say… it’s a beautiful city (the touristy bits), but if your a woman and you get uncomfortable with creepy men, creepy stares and cat calling, I’d skip on this one. Every evening we were followed or shouted at by men, and it does get rather tiring after a while. Nice video tho 💙

  7. Alright fella , did you not go threw to Giardini Naxos , or Taormina? Just back from Sicily on Saturday , stayed in Giardini Naxos , cheers Mikey 🙂

  8. We came back from Catania a week ago so it's bringing back nice memories, it was a hairy walk to the beach when we went a couple of times with the serious lack of pedestrianisation 😁 we are booked to head back to Sicily to stay in Palermo so we'll see if we actually manage to get there.

  9. thank you for sharing your adventure, i enjoyed watching you in Sicily. hope someday i can visit! take care from your new friend in Las Vegas…

  10. Hello! It's great shots! I really like it! Thanks for showing me a very interesting video! Have a nice day!