Catania, return window washer in via Giuffrida: considerations


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“Here we go again. In the sense that on the problem linked to window washers in the intersection, between Viale Sanzio and Via Vincenzo Giuffrida, we return to talk again. It’s still.

A little less than a month after the terrible episode that saw the attack of a poor motorist hit in the face right here for refusing to have the glass of his car cleaned, the “army” armed with brushes and soapy water returns to it loads as soon as there is a red light.

No controls, no supervision and hundreds of commuters who become poor victims of an unsolicited service. For these reasons, the Romolo Murri committee, through its president Vincenzo Parisi, immediately asks the Mayor of Pogliese to take action to definitively defuse what everyone considers a social bomb ready to explode again.

It is good to reiterate that an exclusively repressive policy against these people would not lead to any effective result. Others in despair would immediately take their place and the situation would continue for a long time to come. Instead, it is necessary to go back to the root of the problem and perhaps understand if there is someone who forces them, who makes money behind them, who benefits from this situation.

Let’s not forget that the problem of unauthorized window washers concerns many other parts of the city such as the area of ​​Corso delle Province or Piazza Roma. “

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