Catania, pursuit on the Bypass of the Traffic Police –

As part of the services planned by the “Eastern Sicily” Traffic Police department, a patrol of the Catania Traffic Police, operating on the ring road, stopped a heavy vehicle belonging to a Salerno company. During the check, through a sophisticated software, which allows in a few minutes to download the electronic data stored in the digital tachograph of the trucks and to detect any anomalies or infringements, the operators noticed nervous and hostile attitudes on the part of the driver of the vehicle, the man in fact kept his right hand inside the pocket of his trousers, addressing disrespectful and threatening words towards the agents. For these reasons, the policemen requested the help of other personnel through the compartmental operations room.

A steering wheel arrived on the spot and despite the several attempts made by the agents to calm the subject, he not only reacted using violence by starting to jerk and push the operators but gained the escape by climbing abruptly into the vehicle and starting at speed. So the police force together with the staff of the steering wheels after a chase along the ring road, with the heavy vehicle that continued its march in a zigzag pattern, trying to ram the police cars, managed to block it. During the excited phase, the driver threw something out of the window which was promptly found: it was ascertained to be a driver card, illegally held, with which the aforementioned attempted to evade the verification of driving and rest times.

The driver was then arrested for resisting violence and threats to a public official as well as’ sanctioned for the articles of the highway code violated with particular reference to exceeding driving times. The AG validated the arrest and ordered his immediate release.

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