Catania, prejudiced around despite the house arrest arrested

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The man had been the protagonist of a theft, he was recognized by an officer of the Flying Squad as he wandered among some cars


CATANIA – He had stolen a purse and for this he was under house arrestbut was caught walking through the streets of the cent: a 58-year-old was arrested by the police on charges of home evasion.

The meeting

Yesterday morning, while a police officer of the Flying Squad – Organized Crime Section – when he was traveling, free from duty and aboard his motorbike, Via Milano, he noticed a man who was wandering, suspiciously and with a shopping bag under his arm, among the parked cars.

The policeman recognized the man in the perpetrator of the theft of a purse left unattended inside a car parked in front of a school.
On that occasion, a couple of months ago, the investigator had seen a video that portrayed the criminal in the same clothing.

The intervention

So the man was blocked by the agent who identified and searched himfinding a glass-breaking hammer inside the aforementioned shopping bag, which was subsequently seized.

Established that the offender has evaded the restrictions on the extent of home detention to which he was already subjected for the crime of theft, he was accompanied to the offices of the Flying Squad from where, at the end of the ritual acts, he was again placed in detention in his home.
Yesterday the Judicial Authority, promptly informed, validated the arrest in question.

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