Catania, police checks in Librino –

Librino Commissariat agents carried out checks aimed at contrasting the widespread illegality in the area of ​​competence and enforcing the legislation aimed at preventing the risk of Covid-19 contagion.

A riding stable was checked inside which it was ascertained the presence of some people who, despite the red zone, remained in that place without justified reason, in some cases even without personal protective equipment. All have been sanctioned under the DL 19/20 and DL 30/2021. In addition, the owner was also sanctioned and the stables were temporarily closed for 5 days.

In addition, numerous checks were carried out on subjects subjected to house arrest; one of them, caught outside the home without authorization, was arrested for the planned crime of evasion.

A 33-year-old offender was arrested in execution of an execution order for the expiation of a prison sentence under home detention for the crimes of aggravated theft and receiving stolen goods.

Numerous subjects have been identified and, among these, 2 multi-prejudiced subjects subjected to the obligation of special surveillance by PS and, also considering the prohibition imposed on both of them to accompany offenders, were investigated in a state of freedom for the crime of violation of special surveillance PS Several vehicles were checked and seized for violations of the Highway Code.

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