Catania, piazza Roma redevelopment works begin

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It will take four months to complete the regeneration works: the renewal of the internal river cobblestone paths is also planned


CATANIA – Four months of work: that’s how long it will take for the regeneration of Piazza Roma through the redevelopment of sidewalks and paths, replacement of the current flooring, in order to enhance one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Catania with the surrounding area.
The councilors officially kicked off the innovation, street furniture and safety measures in Piazza Roma Pippo Arcidiacono And Sergio Parisiwith responsibility respectively for maintenance and community policies, in the presence of the president of the third municipality Paolo Ferraraseveral district councilors and the municipal councilor Russian saint.

The project

To be awarded the total redevelopment of a symbolic area of ​​Cataniain which in the last decades the interventions have been only partial and of ordinary maintenance, was the Companỳ Impresam Srl of Favarawhich on the electronic market Mepa offered a discount of 25.7929 per cent on the basic auction amount of 666,670.73 euros, plus 14,776.71 euros for security charges not subject to reduction, for the total contractual amount of € 509,493.73 plus VAT, fully financed with EU funds from the Pact for Catania.

The project developed by the municipal management for maintenance (Rup Giovanni Origlio, director of works Orazio Parisi) as a whole, proposes a qualitative improvement of Piazza Roma, both through the execution of the restoration works and the reorganization of the space for a better usability of the citizens.
Interventions are also planned for the demolition and disposal of the current pavement of the pavements in asphalt tiles which over time has been damaged by the action of the roots of centuries-old trees.

In addition, the current steep paving of the alleys inside the square will be redone in river cobblestones., by laying new elements and placing a new natural stone curb equal to the existing one, in the missing and / or damaged parts that surround the large green flower beds.
Without prejudice to the fact that the project is based on absolute respect for the current vegetation, the old deteriorated iron seats will be replaced with new cast iron benches and the pavement of the pavements of the perimeter of the square will also be redone.

The redevelopment in progress

“A significant work – explained the councilor for maintenance Pippo Arcidiacono – which joins the other redevelopment actions and restoration that we are starting or completing in many parts of the city to solve maintenance problems of great importance for the livability and safety of the city, as in the case of the splendid Piazza Roma.
Special thanks should be given to the municipal maintenance offices headed by Salvo Leonardi, for the commitment they are working with “

“The optimal use of EU funds from the Pact For Catania to redevelop Piazza Roma too – said the councilor for EU policies Sergio Parisi – is one of the many positive fruits for the city, which we have identified with a reasoned remodeling of the use of funds from the Pact for Catania and of the numerous projects we have financed in the interest of citizens.
The only interest he addressed to us was to improve our Catania and objectively Piazza Roma could not wait any longer to be redeveloped, and it was right that it should be among the priorities of these city development plans to be implemented with EU funds “.

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