Catania, Piazza Duca di Genova pedestrian, the commissioner says yes

Today the Legambiente flashmob asking to free the area from cars. Archdeacon: “We await the increase in parking spaces in Piazza Borsellino and we have asked Fce to reactivate the Porto stop”

CATANIA – Soon seven new micro pedestrianization in the city. To affirm it is the city councilor for mobility, Giuseppe Arcidiacono, asked about the conditions of some of the main city squares. One of these is Piazza Sciuti behind the historic market of Piazza Carlo Alberto and redeveloped a few years ago. A real jewel set within the historic buildings of the “fair” area which, after a first moment of enhancement, has been abandoned to the neglect and incivility of some citizens who have transformed it into a parking lot as well as in a dustbin. “We have proceeded with a deliberative act that provides for the pedestrianization of seven other sites – explains the commissioner Arcidiacono – including via Pacini, via Gemmellaro and precisely piazza Sciuti“. The matter should be approved at the next meeting of the Executive.

However, the area behind the fair is not the only place consigned to incivility within the city and for which one could think of a different future. Between these there is also piazza Duca di Genova, in the historic and maritime heart of Catania, behind the famous Palazzo Biscari and imposing Baroque palaces. On its transformation from a parking lot to a pedestrian area Legambiente has been fighting for some time who, for today, has organized a flashmob precisely to ask for the “liberation” of the square from cars. This is the “Clean Cities” initiative, the new campaign to promote a new urban mobility. “From 2.30 pm to 2.45 pm, we will be in the square and some of us will look out from the balconies of the baroque buildings that surround it with white coats and gas masks. At the same time we will hold a press conference to present our proposal for pedestrianization to the city ”, reads a press release. The event will also continue on April 9 with a round table.

The commissioner Arcidiacono also intervenes in relation to the pedestrianization of Piazza Duca di Genova. “The pedestrianization is planned – continues the exponent of the junta led by the mayor Salvo Pogliese – but an alternative must be found for the cars that go to the historic center, to Palazzo Platamone, to the Bellini theater. It is normal for this square to be pedestrianized – he reiterates – but we expect to be able to count on the increase in parking spaces in Piazza Borsellino which could greatly facilitate ”.

The reactivation of the “porto” metro stop could also be useful to free the areas of the historic center, according to Arcidiacono.. “We have made this request to the Circumetnea Railway – he concludes – and we are waiting for an answer because reactivating this stop could really help us to intervene more effectively in the city center”.