Catania. Patient runs on a motorcycle along the corridors of the Garibaldi hospital: friends film him

Incredible what happened last Friday at the Garibaldi hospital in Catania. It was about 2pm when a patient has introduced an electric motorcycle into the hospital, is mounted on it and has begun to run around in the corridors of the clinics and in the internal square of the hospital.

And he also had an audience that applauded him: some friends, who entered the Garibaldi from an unattended service access, who also filmed the scene and then published the video on social media.

This, despite all of them being reported. From a press release issued by the Garibaldi general management, we learn that: “ The aforementioned were promptly identified by the surveillance operators on duty and checked, but not without uttering unequivocal threatening phrases. Nevertheless, a few hours later, the video of the stunt was distributed by social networks, reaching a significant number of views. All the protagonists of the affair have been denounced and will have to answer not only for the gesture, but above all for the image damage created in the hospital, to the many health workers who work in the service of the community and, above all, to the entire city.

This is an absurd and unacceptable episode. All the efforts made to make available to the territory, in practice, risk being thwarted by a gesture that, reported on the web, unjustly pilloried those who spend every day for the health of citizens. Precisely for this reason we will not remain helpless, but we will react decisively. Certain attitudes must be immediately stigmatized and reported to the competent bodies “.

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