Catania, orange thief in handcuffs: discovered by the owner, he attacks him with the car jack

The Carabinieri of the Lentini station arrested Giovanni Pellegrino, 44 ​​years old from Catania, on the order of being placed in custody issued by the investigating judge of the Syracuse court.

The man, on the night of December 29, 2020, was surprised by the owner of an agricultural land in the Contrada San Basilio di Lentini while he was raiding oranges. Pellegrino, in order to earn impunity and secure the stolen goods, did not hesitate to threaten and hit the unfortunate owner with the jack of the car in which he had already loaded about 500 kilograms of citrus fruits of the precious Tarocco variety, then fleeing.

The victim, however, once recovered, reported the incident in the local Carabinieri station, thus giving the opportunity to start the investigation and identify the Catanese, who was also a recidivist in this kind of activity: already in March 2020 in fact he had been caught in the act of crime and arrested together with 4 other accomplices while stealing oranges in the same fund.

The judge, fully agreeing with the investigations carried out by the Carabinieri of Lentini, issued the precautionary measure of house arrest against the 44-year-old from Catania with the electronic bracelet device, disputing the most serious crime of improper robbery, due to the violence used in the act of carrying out the theft. The military tracked him down in the populous Catania neighborhood of Librino and restricted him to his home.

That of rural theft is unfortunately a very widespread phenomenon in the countryside of the plain of Catania, which also includes part of the province of Syracuse, and significantly afflicts the many agricultural entrepreneurs in the area.