Catania: Motorization official insulted and beaten during vehicle inspection

The article reports on an incident where a Civil Motorization official in Catania was assaulted and insulted while carrying out vehicle inspections at an authorized center. The attack, which occurred recently, was brought to light during a union assembly meeting convened by Ugl Autonomie locali and Sadirs to plan new initiatives to demand urgent solutions to protect those who are increasingly burdened with their duties.

“We stand in solidarity with our colleague who was unjustly beaten and insulted for simply doing their job during a vehicle inspection at an authorized center. We condemn this cowardly act and believe that justice will be served, although unfortunately there is still a climate of fear and insecurity that needs to be overcome,” said Alessandro Catalano, provincial coordinator of regional employees of Ugl Autonomie locali, and union representative Antonio Musumeci.

They also mentioned previous incidents where an examiner was threatened and attacked for failing a young candidate and a commissioner was at risk due to a student found in possession of communication devices during an exam. The union representatives call for a change in direction to prevent further incidents and protect workers who must fulfill their duties without fear or intimidation. They state that if necessary measures are not implemented, they are prepared to strike until essential protection measures are put in place for the technicians at this Civil Motorization department.

Catania, insultato e picchiato funzionario della Motorizzazione durante la revisione di un mezzo

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